Arrgh! Prolonged standing ...

a person with back pain often dreads standing for prolonged periods at a time. Going for a walk, cooking a big meal, standing for hours in a job, these are real challenges.


Good news! We have Movement Snacks while Standing for a Healthy Back.

In this easy-to-follow series with Cynthia Allen, creator of Your Better BackTM, you will discover easier ways to stand.

Scroll down to get your first video. Then watch for an email from because we have more short tips to share over the next 15 days!

Cynthia Allen,
Creator of Your Better BackTM

In these quick explorations you will:

Try a quick standing tip and find ease and power for those times you need it.

Below is your very first tip. We will follow up by email with additional tips over the next few days.

Why so many tips? Because each person is unique and there is no one solution to back challenges.  But we feel confident that among these quick, solution-focused tips you will discover super useful actions you can take the next time you are standing and feeling defeated by back pain.  

Movement Snacks 1 and 2

Cynthia Allen’s annual Your Better Back program begins in August 2021. 

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