Your better back. Your better life.

The diagnosis, the therapy, the analysis, has not resolved your pain problem.

You don’t know what is going wrong. The MRI or X-rays haven’t told the whole story.

You’re still in pain. You’re missing out on a more complete life.

You want to move better. You want to function better.



The good news is, you have the amazing ability to get better.

What is the one item you want back in your life?

I’m Cynthia Allen and I know what it is like to suffer with debilitating back pain. The kind where you dread getting up. You dread standing in line. Long walks are miserable. And lifting anything creates extreme fear.

And I want you to know that I recovered. I used all my knowledge as a Feldenkrais® Practitioner plus studies in Movement Intelligence and Integral Human Gait™ theory to bring myself back to health. And since then I have used that process to help thousands of people.

This is an online, somatic based program that combines movement, knowledge and awareness to reclaim back health.


Our current program is closed. Please join out wait list below.

Developed from a career in movement practice.

It’s a unique program integrating modalities and techniques in new ways.

Developed through Cynthia Allen’s professional expertise, this approach has been successful with thousands of clients.

A program for back health and wellness.


Move out of the thinking cycle that perpetuates pain and limitation. Move and think yourself well.


Intelligent motion throughout the day is key to reclaiming back health.


Become aware of habit, flow, and sensation. Physical feedback is a gift.

Become YOUR own back expert

Starting Friday, June 26th,  Cynthia will guide you through the 14-week online program. Together we will develop strategies in movement that will serve you for a lifetime.

Program format:

  • Twelve weekly live online sessions with movement lessons and question and answers
  • Weekly Better Back email with guidance
  • Guest speaker on plasticity and pain
  • Guest speaker on sleep and pain connection
  • Private Facebook discussion group
  • Access to all lessons and recorded live sessions within our on-line portal.
  • BONUS: Access to Sounder Sleep System™ audio lessons which are excellent in pain modulation.


You will:

  • Identify and expand your comfort range
  • Foster breath awareness
  • Move with greater ease
  • Spread the work throughout your body for easier, simpler movements
  • Explore functional movements such as reaching, sit to stand from a chair or the floor or squatting to pick something up without creating injury or pain
  • Learn important spinal anatomy
  • Understand brain, pain and plasticity
  • Integrate the Five Pillars of back health

Program starts June 26 for 14 weeks with 2 weeks for rest and digest.  Live sessions are on Fridays from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight/New York time. All sessions are available on replay.

Take the next step

Join the Your Better Back program and reclaim your back health.

Because this program is highly interactive, everyone needs to start together. No late entries allowed. The doors close on:

So sorry, but you missed joining the program. Send us an email so you know when the program opens again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?
Of course, we can’t know that for sure, but our experience tells us that virtually everyone can and will improve. Common issues that people bring are: injury, scoliosis, failed back syndrome, stenosis, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, bulging disc,  previously herniated disc, previously ruptured disc, spondylolisthesis. This program is not a replacement for good medical care.

How much improvement can I expect?
From enough to give you hope that you can keep improving to enough to get you back into life and doing what you want. Twelve weeks is a pretty short time to reverse something that has likely been bothering you from months to decades. But you will get a big boost in a positive direction. For many, this will be the first positive experience in reclaiming back health in a very long time.

Will I be able to do the movement lessons?
Absolutely. Not every lesson will be for every person. Lessons have a wide variety of challenge including use of the imagination and  positions of sitting, lying (on back, side or front), standing. Many of the lying lessons can be done on a firm bed. There is almost always an adaptation that can be made that will allow you to do the lesson and benefit. Learning to do those adaptations for yourself will be a big benefit elsewhere in your life, too. As you improve, previous positions or lessons you were unable to do comfortably will likely become available.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?
All sessions are recorded and you can access them at a later time. If you do the lessons for each week on replay, you will get the benefits of the program.

How much time does it require from me?
Good question. You will get out of it, what you put into it. You need at least 15 minutes a day to pay attention to yourself and do the short lessons or reflections provided. Once a week, you need 60-75 minutes to participate in the live or replay session.

Are you a doctor?
No. This is a medically unsupervised program. Cynthia Allen is a somatic movement educator with certifications in the Feldenkrais Method® and Movement Intelligence. She is also the creator of Your Better Back and co-creator of Integral Human Gait theory. She is a published researcher on how somatic movements are helpful for the senior population. Cynthia will educate you about how you can take care of yourself, but you will be responsible for monitoring your own health and choosing movements that are beneficial to you.

Can I get personalized attention?
The group size will be limited to allow Cynthia to connect with those that are on the live sessions with her. She will be able to see you move and offer suggestions. However, to receive personal consultations, you will need to upgrade to the signature program which will give you two private video sessions with Cynthia and allow you to give her a full medical and wellness history. She can then see how you sit, stand, walk and give you very specific directions and recommendations.

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