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How do babies sleep? Babies sleep when they are tired. When their body is at ease and when they feel cared for. Babies sleep when they feel safe.  Can you learn to sleep like a baby once again? YES. 

From Larry Wells:

How do babies get through a day? They rely on the universe to take good care of them. They don’t worry. Worry isn’t a concept they have LEARNED yet.  Whoa, did I just say that? Is worrying a learned behavior?

Yes, it is. 

Babies stay in the present moment. However, they learn through trauma, parents, and media that worrying is a valuable skill. Even though this is what they’ve learned- it’s wrong. Planning is a valuable skill. Worry is not.

This is a crucial concept and it’s one of the hardest for some people to overcome. Think about it and let yourself process that idea until you can embrace it. Worrying about things that could happen will not protect you from them. Worry won’t make them not happen. 

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You have a plastic brain!

Your brain is plastic. That means you can learn to return to the present, invest in a positive future (days and nights) and have better days and better nights.

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This tool set doesn’t just allow you to SLEEP it also leads to:

With results like:

Renee Groenemann

I slept, I slept, I slept!!! Please, a lifetime more! Thank you, Larry Wells.


Responding to stress in a healthy manner and getting quality sleep isn’t magical. These are skills that you can acquire, but you have to do the work to get there – one small step at a time.

Open this new toolbox and discover essential tools that will help you find the path to more moments of calm during the day and the ability to fall asleep with ease at night. Without these tools, you will remain reactive and hyperalert.

You can learn these tools, just like any other skill you’ve learned. Each one needs practice until you master them, and they become a part of your personal well-being toolkit.

“I have already tried everything there is to try.”

Well… you probably have tried a lot of things, BUT have you had a step-by-step plan that you could use to create your own custom program for LEARNING (not trying) to stop the worrying? A step-by-step plan for falling asleep.

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Grab a chair, a pen and pencil, and a pillow. Set up a comfy place for lying down. You can even lie on your bed for parts of this to anchor in the sleeping habit.

Do you currently suffer from negative What if Syndrome?

If you do suffer from negative What if Syndrome, you already know you are wasting too much of your life on things that may not happen. You know that you want to be more resourceful. You just don’t know how.

woman with headache holding her hand to the head. So many Thoughts

Throwing drugs, food, or alcohol at the problem doesn’t work in the long run!

Using the same ineffective strategies day-after-day never leads to new results

Respond to stress differently.

Sourdough Starter

Here’s a little secret for you
The right tools + a little practice = great results.

It is like creating a starter for sour dough bread. Once it gets going, and you take time to feed it regularly, it keeps expanding so you can bake great, warm loaves of delicious, comfort-food bread.

NLP plus Sounder Sleep System

This two-pronged approach can open up a new way of living. Better days and better nights will fuel you with rest, peace, and the knowledge that you can make a difference and you have control. It’s a powerful approach to regaining control of your life and learning to love and appreciate every moment again. You can do this – we can help.

Step-by-step, Larry is going to help you paint a new picture of your daily experience.

  • Learn the scientific truth about managing stress and getting sleep. The truth can set you free.

  • Discover your personal strategy for stepping out of the worry habit and into this present moment habit.

  • Select a 5 - 10 minute process to do several times a day to change the hyper arousal of your nervous system.

  • Select a 5 minute process that you can do in meetings, at the dinner table, in a store, or anywhere, that will help you calm down instantaneously.

  • Select a 15 minute process to practice when you go to bed that will prepare you for quality sleep. This will also be valuable if you are prone to waking up.

  • Know what to do when you do wake up instead of TRYING to get back to sleep.

Much of life is out of your control. But how you respond is something you can control. And that is GREAT news!

It's time to remake your daily experience and get help like these students of Larry's have done

Larry Wells helped me pinpoint several negative beliefs. Once identified, I learned how to dispel them and begin to move in a more positive direction to attain my goals and, most importantly, to enjoy the journey along the way.

– Student

I feel different. I can’t say exactly how, but I really feel different after just two sessions with Larry. I perceive myself differently. More relaxed and confident. Normally, at work I would begin to feel anxious and then just start eating anything I could find. That hasn’t happened in the last month. When stress comes up, I just deal instead of eating. It is kind of unbelievable and exciting.

– Student

In one session, less than an hour, Larry facilitated more change and empowerment on an issue I was stuck on than I had been able to achieve on my own for more than a year.

– Student

Participate in this series on replay at a 50% discount

$300 Only $150 today

There are 5 classes. 10 hours of power-packed learning

You will get instant access to all the classes to do at a pace that works for you.

Larry Wells- Circle- Yellow

Drawing on his years of experience and training in the Sounder Sleep System™, Neuro Linguistic Programming and vast array of other training and explorations, Larry Wells will show you how the body can be used to calm the mind. And how the mind can be used to make the future brighter while increasing your resilience.

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