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running autumn

Break Free from Habitual Patterns: Embracing the Power of “What If”

Explore the profound transformations brought about by the Feldenkrais Method and how it challenges habitual movement patterns.
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Lotus - Boost Your Health
awareness through movement

Boost Your Health: Feldenkrais Method and Yoga Combined

Discover how combining the Feldenkrais method and yoga can enhance mobility, improve function, and manage age-related diseases effectively.
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Is Feldenkrais the Same as Yoga or a Unique Approach to Awareness

Discover how to integrate Feldenkrais into your Yoga routine for a more holistic approach to wellness.
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Unveiling the Connection

Unveiling the Connection Between Movement and Depression and How Feldenkrais Method® Can Help

Discover the transformative potential of movement-based therapies for depression. Learn how dance, yoga and more can uplift mood and restore body-mind harmony.
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sleep better

Reducing Pain, Stress for Better Sleep without Drugs or Alcohol

Learn how to reduce pain, stress and get more sleep without drugs or alcohol. Achieve better health naturally with our expert advice!
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How to Overcome Worry, Anxiety, Fear, and Achieve Better Sleep

Overcoming Worry, Fear and Anxiety for Better Sleep

Explore valuable strategies for finding relief from worry, fear, and anxiety, leading to improved sleep and a peaceful mind.
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