A Feldenkrais Bootcamp with Cynthia Allen

You may have missed this when Cynthia taught it live, but you can grab it now and do the lessons on replay.

It’s twisty, it’s turn-y, it’s confounding, it’s fun and above all it is full of wonderful awareness and mapping of your self-image.

You can benefit from this series if you:

  • are curious and enjoy a challenge
  • can lie on a bed or floor
  • can use your imagination and are willing to go at the just-right speed for you.

Normally $100, today you get it for FREE

What’s the catch?

Carve out an hour a day for five days because this series is best done a lesson each day. Maybe grab a friend or a family member so you have a study buddy.

Warning! you may walk or run easier after this series.


Cynthia Allen is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher and Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence.

She loves creating spaces of beauty with fun and powerful learning.

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