Chronic Pain and the Feldenkrais Method

Photo of a back pain

Recently Jane Brody, a science writer for the New York Times, reported on the Feldenkrais Method as a path for overcoming back pain. She not only gave a personal recommendation for it, in a subsequent article on the opioid epidemic and non-pharmaceutical options, the New York Times mentioned the importance of movement modalities and linked to Brody’s article as an option.

What isn’t explored in either of these articles is how the Feldenkrais Method is helping. While this has not been studied, I have several ideas that I believe are supported by science. Listen as I explain my view on what happens to the nervous system when using the Feldenkrais Method. My personal practice, private practice and on-line practice is filled with the Feldenkrais approach.

While I do draw on other approaches as I help people achieve health and potential, the Feldenkrais Method is the base of it all. Check out our online options for ways to do this at home.

Picture of Cynthia Allen
Cynthia Allen
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