Feldenkrais Year End Sale
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More Comfort. Better Sleep. Less Pain.


Cynthia Allen
$ 147
  • Chronic pain isn’t just an inconvenience. For most people it becomes the center of their life.

    Reclaiming a life that is centered around possibility takes more than pain medication.

    It takes partners that can give you the tools to successfully do just that.


Larry Wells
$ 127
  • That first contact between client and practitioner is so important. We all know that. So most of us go about the process of painstakingly building rapport over the course of several sessions. Trust is needed before the “real” work can begin.

    What if I told you that you can build that rapport within the first 15, probably 5 minutes?

YOUR BETTER FEET - A Special Collection

Cynthia Allen
$ 147
  • What you want is to enjoy standing and walking again. To have increased stability in all kinds of situations. To feel empowered instead of hopeless. And dare we say, to 🧡 your feet again?


Larry Wells
$ 300
  • Tools to reduce daily anxiety and ensure quality sleep. Experience NLP and Sounder Sleep to create resiliency in emotional states and energy.

    Discover simple exercises that can be done throughout the day to regulate your nervous system.

    Use the interface between your body and brain to create the powerful change.


Anastasi Siotas and John Sharkey
$ 400
  • This unique course is the synthesis of biotensegrity and the Feldenkrais Method taught by two incredible master trainers.

    Five Awareness Through Movement lessons, pre and post discussions, and recommended reading are included. This course is designed to open your mind around the latest science and hypothesis in the world of movement and function.


Carla Oswald Reed
$ 425
  • This is a must-have series for parents and practitioners. Carla Reed brings her 40+ years of experience and continual drive to learn more and do better for children, right into your own living room.

    Experience Carla's compassionate, wise approach to learning through everyday movements. She begins with leading you in your own personal experience of how quality movement explorations make a positive difference and then gives practical applications. Questions from parents give Carla an opportunity to make the course even more down-to-earth.


Finally a chair that actually does what it says
it will do.

Sitting is the new smoking. We have all heard it. Yes getting up and down and increased walking around is important. But it is also important to invest in a seat that helps you find good, dynamic posture sitting.

Yes! We are endorsing a chair. If you are looking to gift yourself or someone else with something they don’t have and likely need, this is it!

QOR360 Chair

Sit better. Live better.™

Recommended by Cynthia Allen for back and postural health. Nothing else like it exists anywhere!

Designed by an MD to improve posture and prevent back pain caused by conventional sitting. This retired trauma surgeon and epidemologist is tackling the problem of health damaging chairs.

This is a gift worth giving, to yourself or someone you love!

This is an affiliate link. If you purchase a chair, we may receive a commission for that sale.


$ 497
  • Full Unlimited Digital Access
  • 36 Short Awareness Through Movement® Lessons
  • 2 prerecorded bonus courses available immediately
  • 10+ short stories about Moshe Feldenkrais told by 10 different people who knew him personally
  • 35 Interviews/Presentation Videos
  • Many more . . .

2021 Summit

$ 397
  • This one is recent. Each of the May summits have gotten better and better. If you missed it, now is the time to grab it and transform.

    42+ Expert Sessions

    Mia Segal, Patrick McKeown,  Natalie Goldberg, Pat Ogden, Albert Wong, Fariya Doctor, Jeff Haller, John Sharkey, David Zemach-Bersin, Stephen Nachmanovitch.

    We explore the themes of:
    Active Lifestyle
    Original Breath
    Healing Trauma
    Embodied Anatomy
    Move Your Brain!
    Abilities: Dropping the “Dis”
    Language Runs Deep


$ 197
  • An incredible conference with 18 movement lessons, transcripts, videos, audios, 27 interviews and 9 panel discussions.

    Chava Shelhav, Alan Questel, Robert Schleip, Elizabeth Beringer, Todd Hargrove, Pradeep Chopra, Susan Hillier and so much more. Topics include fascia research, architecture and the body, stroke, Parkinson's Disease, EDS, CPRS, trauma, pain, and emotional maturity.


$ 248
  • Unlimited Digital Access
  • 48 full-length Awareness Through Movement® lessons to stream or download in either video or audio
  • Post lesson discussions
  • Plus over 90 Bonus lessons to stream for the busy person

2020 Move Better, Feel Better Summit

$ 297
  • Premiere Teachers and Speakers!

    Tom Myers, Gil Hedley, David Zemach-Bersin, Anat Baniel, Linda Tellington Jones, Russell and Linda Delman, Irene Lyon, Larry Goldfarb to name a few

    46 experts with topics from anatomy, fascia, gait, aging, Gyrotonics, pole dancing, pain, emotions and so much more. PLUS 18 short Awareness Through Movement lessons for daily use.


$ 97
  • Our very first summit! Featuring authors, researchers and practitioners including Dan Siegel, Donna Ray, Cathryn Jakobson Ramin, Russell Delman, Elinor Silverstein, Moti Nativ, Jerry Karzen, and David Kaetz.

    The topics include interpersonal neuro-biology, back pain, parkour, martial arts, running, pilates, yoga, dance, multiple sclerosis, emotions and anxiety/stress. Over 20 talks. Many have embedded movement lessons.

    This is a steal!

Never Stop Summit

$ 297
  • For performing artists, by performing artists

    Martha Eddy, Donna Black. Miguel Gutierrez, Uri Vardi, Scott Illingworth, Joyce Lu, Katie Bull, Lisa Hueske, Sondra Fraleigh. 42 speakers and performing artists share the secrets to feeling good before, during, and after performances.

    20 movement lessons by 4 different teachers/performing artists in dance, theater, and music.

Turning Challenges into Possibilities for the Special Needs Family

$ 257
  • “The most practical conference ever held.” -—Cynthia Allen, host of six summits.

    For parents and practitioners, each talk is packed with information you can put to use immediately!

    With respect for each child's unique gifts and being topics such as autism, Down's Syndrome, cerebral palsy, stroke, learning challenges, navitaging emotions are expertly navigated.

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