Dav Clark Feldenkrais Summit

Dav J. Wada Clark

Clinical Hermeneutics: To Whose Rigor will you Submit?

Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 12:30 pm. EST
While a professor at MIT, being a founder of both the Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Media Lab, Seymour Papert developed novel pedagogies based on the emerging approach of information processing models. He claimed, and many august researchers corroborate, that he was able to craft learning environments in which middle school students would develop intuitions of physics that surpassed MIT undergrads. More compellingly, in place of the "firehose" of hard work unleashed upon MIT students, the middle schoolers were encouraged to play and explore based on their own interest and aesthetic sensibilities. And yet, his methods have yet to be widely adopted or even acknowledged. Sound familiar? It has been argued by Papert and by members of our own community that, while powerful, the logic of clinical trials may inhibit the development of truly superior learning technologies - leading more towards the development of an optimal horse and buggy than to the automobile. Of course, innovators like Feldenkrais® and Papert will continue to develop incredible new things - but how can we scale these innovations more broadly into a culture dominated by the logic of clinical trials and “evidence based” interventions? I sure don’t know! We should, however, discuss the matter.
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About Dav Clark

Dr. Dav J. Wada Clark has engaged with psychology and cognitive neuroscience in domains ranging from language to motor control to learning and memory. During this time, he has struggled with the compromises in rigor used in contemporary science and currently works primarily on building tools for transparent and reproducible science at Gigantum as well as facilitating educational research in his consulting collective, Glass Bead Labs. From 2007-2017, Dav worked on the challenge of bridging the insights of Moshe Feldenkrais (and extensions in our community) into mainstream cognitive neuroscience. In the end, he decided that was too hard, but he's still happy to help. Dav still maintains a robust practice spanning Zen practice with the SF Bay-area new Dharma Community, Systema, Contact Improvisation, and of course the work of Moshe Feldenkrais.

http://bead.glass - my scientific research consulting company I'm also happy to work with people in the Baltimore area, or distributed who are interested in pursuing these ideas

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