David Kaetz Feldenkrais Summit

David Kaetz

Better Hearing through the Somatic Experience of Sound

Monday, May 7, 2018 at 8 am. EST

David sets out some of the principles, premises and science behind his integrative approach to audition, known as Listening with Your Whole Body TM. He explains how it is possible, with your own resources, to:

  • Cultivate and improve your own hearing;
  • Listen to others, to nature, and to yourself more effectively;
  • Change your relationship with sound, noise, and tinnitus;
  • Get more pleasure from music;
  • Improve your ability to sing and play in tune;
  • Overcome perceptual asymmetries;
  • Protect your auditory sense.

“As walking involves more than the legs, as vision involves more than the eyes, so listening involves more than the ears. Listening is a multi-dimensional process, involving movement, breath, attention, attitude, thought, emotion, setting, relationship, and all of the senses. Becoming more aware of how we listen—i.e., what we are doing with our whole selves in the act of listening—can lead to remarkable improvements in hearing, not to mention in perception in general.”

Thus, the focus of this work is not on the audiogram, not on the diagnosis, and not even on the ears, but on the use of the self. This approach does not presume to replace other professional resources for the auditory sense, but seeks to complement and support them with an integrative vision. Listening with Your Whole BodyTM is based on the Feldenkrais Method®, the practice of mindfulness, ancient and modern acoustic research, neuroscience, and a life in music.

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About David Kaetz

David Kaetz is a Feldenkrais® teacher, musician, and writer. He entered somatic work through music—performance, recording, teaching and music therapy. In university he was a student of religious studies. This came in handy for the writing of Making Connections, which explores the cultural and spiritual background of Moshe Feldenkrais and his unique approach to human well-being. David’s second book, The Ezekiel Code, deals with archetypes of healing and integration, as they show up in somatic work, depth psychology, ancient art, and the visions of a prophet.

The newest book, Listening with Your Whole Body, goes deeply into the principles—philosophical and scientific—which underlie David’s practice and his work with the auditory sense.
Home is by the Salish Sea, on the west coast of Canada, where he has a studio for Feldenkrais®, music, and the Listening Work. David also teaches and consults extensively in western and central Europe. Coming up: training practitioners in the work. Keep up to date at www.listeningwithyourwholebody.com

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