Erifily Nikolakopoulou Feldenkrais Summit

Erifily Nikolakopoulou

Crossing Paths with Yoga

Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 8 am. EST

In this presentation I will be sharing my thoughts on how Feldenkrais® can enhance both the practice and the teaching of Yoga. Though this presentation is primarily focused on yoga, I believe this concept can have a wider application. Whether you are a student or teacher in Feldenkrais, yoga, dance or any other movement modality, this presentation will provide you some answers, but more importantly raise some interesting questions on the interconnectedness of our fields.

Join me and explore how subtle differentiations in awareness can help you with your chosen path.

*For the demonstration part, you will need to have near you a large thick book (such as an encyclopedia) or a yoga block, you can comfortably stand one foot on.

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About Erifily Nikolakopoulou

I am a teacher and performer based in Athens, Greece. As a graphic designer in advertising and internet companies for several years, I stood very still in front of a computer.

In 1999, the building I was working in collapsed in a massive earthquake. I came out determined to move. Not so much a "lifelong dream" but rather an innate need to follow my instinct.

I studied dance, yoga and meditation. By the time I started teaching, I felt there had to be a way to bridge these modalities so they could benefit from each other. Studying the Feldenkrais Method® was, for me, the missing piece of the puzzle.

Now I teach dance, yoga and meditation in a "Feldenkrais way". My goals are to bring sensory awareness to my students and to share my findings with other teachers. I teach weekly classes in Athens and workshops across Europe.

Website: atomyoga.eu
Youtube Channel: youtube.com/atomyoga
Free Guided Meditation: insighttimer.com/atomyoga
Mini Breaks @ the Desk Audios: store.cdbaby.com/cd/erifilynikolakopoulouato

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