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Sounder Sleep System lessons

De-stress and get a great night’s sleep. We’re including downloadable audio lessons by Sounder Sleep System expert Larry Wells that will help you find a faster way to a more rejuvenating sleep. These lessons are also very valuable for people who suffer with anxiety and chronic pain. As you know, insomnia and chronic pain are linked and any approach to chronic pain needs to include an approach to quality sleep. 

Bonus #2 Value $200

Bones for Life lessons

We’ve selected key lessons (both video and audio) that everyone needs for bone and joint health as well as for healthy posture. 

Bonus #3 Value $100

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) meditations

Are you ready to travel back to a place of innocence? Through these downloadable audios, NLP trainer Larry Wells will help you foster resilience by returning to innocence in these downloadable audios [Value $100]

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