Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson in 17 different languages


A Feldenkrais Lesson in the Languages of the World

As part of the first Feldenkrais® Awareness Summit, we wanted to share a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson into as many languages® as we could find teachers to record it. We came up with 17. Not bad!

All of these Feldenkrais teachers are presenting a lesson in their own words. This is not a translation but rather a bit of each teacher's own personal teaching style.

Lesson: Improving Rotation

What you can expect:

While each person's experience is unique, this gentle exploration will foster:

  • Easier breathing
  • Feeling calm
  • Freedom in the upper ribs and neck for each turning through out the day.
  • Surprise that you can change so rapidly. 
How to do a lesson:
  • Have a small stack of hand towels or a small firm pillow to place under your head as you lay on your side..
  • Go very slowly.
  • Pause the audio as needed to give yourself time.
  • Move within your own comfortable range. Do NOT push or strain. You will get more benefit by doing less.
  • Be curious and enjoy the changes.
  • Follow any healthcare restrictions you have been given.
Lesson Source: Mia Segal, July 13, 1977.

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