What to do for my child when there is so little time and money?

Traditional therapies just aren’t getting the results you want for your child. You can’t afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on other approaches, and you don’t even know which ones to use anyway. Already, there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep your life and the life of your family vibrant instead of reactive and stressed.

We understand.

What would it mean to...

  • Regularly see the shine in your child’s eyes that tells you they are engaged and enjoying life?
  • Experience your child as whole and for your child to know that about him/herself?
  • Be excited about the potential your child has to exceed the expectations of their diagnosis and contribute to the world as they grow?
  • To know that the way you bathe, dress, feed, and play with your child is more than caretaking, it is stimulating new brain development and motor skills?

It would mean everything.

Making Every Movement Count℠ with Carla Oswald Reed

Learn effective strategies for parents and practitioners to promote learning for children with special needs and taking them beyond the predicted limits.

Carla will share her unique perspective and experience from her 50-year professional history as a pediatric Physical Therapist, which has been transformed and enriched by her training with: 

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What is it?

A ten-week class series for parents, other family members and/or caregivers, and professionals involved with children who have special needs that have interfered with their developmental learning. Each two-hour session may include movement experiences,  presentation(s) of background material, demonstrations on how to work with children or on a model doll along. There is also often a priceless Q&A time from past participants.

When is it?

You will be watching this inaugural course on replay.

This means you can watch on your own schedule. Practice with your child and return when you are ready for more.

How much is it?

Not only are we making this course available for a limited time, you also save 25% by purchasing it now. 

Normally $425. Now $319
Save $106!

Series Outline:

  • Session 1 – Neuroplasticity and the importance of movement variations and movement experimentation
  • Session 2 – Counterbalancing the weight of your child’s head and pelvis in space 
  • Session 3 – Language to promote your child’s communication, participation, awareness, and thinking
  • Session 4 – Gravity as your child’s most available learning tool and most consistent teacher
  • Session 5 – Factors to consider when deciding whether devices or adaptive equipment are beneficial for learning
  • Session 6 – Strategies for promoting healthy hip joint development 
  • Session 7 – Dynamic Uses of the Firefly PlayPak Portable Activity Kit for learning
  • Session 8 – Dynamic Uses of the Firefly Upsee Upright Mobility Device for learning
  • Session 9 – Acknowledging vs. Praise: Supporting the evolution of an autonomous self in your child
  • Session 10 – Best ergonomics during transfers, for the safety and comfort of you and your child

Ready to start making every movement count?

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