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Welcome Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapists and teachers of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Gyrotonics. Let’s get more for YOU and YOUR clients.

Empower your clients to take control of their futures.

So much of health comes from the inside out.

Whether it is a professional practice or the professional him/herself, we know that many people struggle with chronic pain, mobility and not having an optimistic future. Tap into Your Learning Body using the Feldenkrais Method and discover the difference that can make that difference.

Stuck with a client that doesn't improve?

Sometimes they don’t do their exercises. Other times, they do, but they still don’t get better. Pain persists. Compensatory patterns still rule. It is true that most people do get better with what you offer, and yet there is a quality of exploration and guidance that could make a measurable difference for many.

What is that needed quality?

Learning how to learn. By shifting focus away from injury, surgery, aging or even “bad genes,” and turning on the learning body, none of us are victims of circumstance. The learning body is something everyone comes with.
But what is learning?

Does repeating an exercise we are shown over and over really constitute learning? Or does there need to be other qualities that really engage the mind? We think that awareness (and research supports this) and curiosity are essential to learning and need to be embedded in the recovery and improvement process.

Engaging in this online community shows how to open self-awareness and unlocks the door to the learning body. Come see what’s possible!

Become a part of the Your Learning Body community and move closer to MORE.

Your Learning Body is an online community that relies on somatic explorations that include Feldenkrais®, Bones for Life, Sounder Sleep, NLP, and others. It’s a multi-faceted approach to finding what works and opening the potential of more.

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Join this online membership where expert instructor Cynthia Allen and guest speakers will discuss the Feldenkrais Method® and other approaches. The membership consists of laypeople and professionals who come together in a partnership to focus on health and potential – and what lies beyond potential.

We’ll walk together on a path to success – professionals and laypeople. On that journey, you get the advantage of learning from others. Tap into their wisdom to improve your practice. Observe and learn as others freely share their difficulties, their triumphs, and their powerful, self-realizing moments. Through this, you’ll discover a way of accessing and interacting that will help you be a better therapist, practitioner, or teacher across your and your client’s lifetimes.

While we did not form this membership with the rehab or movement professional in mind, we have discovered that almost 50% of our members join with professional needs. It’s also true that most have had their own movement challenges. While helping themselves and listening to others, they uncover nuances in language and approach that are transferrable to their own clients.

I love the philosophy of the Feldenkrais Method where the goal is to move with the most ease rather than the most effort, which goes against most of what we've learned in Western Medicine and exercise. I teach some of the movement patterns from the lessons to my clients to help reinforce our manual therapy.
Headshot of Jay Harnett, Physical therapist
Jay Harnett
Physical Therapist
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Learn by Sensing More Deeply

The slow, deliberate pace of Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons helps direct attention to different areas. Senses are heightened and more attuned to slight movements and changes. More awareness means a better likelihood of compliance and integration.

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New Possibilities Without Pain

While almost all professions try to train clients in working within their range of tolerance, the sensitivity people need to develop to do this is actually the real challenge. The ways in which we talk with clients or students needs more nuance AND clarity. In the Feldenkrais Method, we focus on growing sensation and learning to find one’s own learning edge. We focus on new possibilities, not achieving pre-defined goals. This inspires creativity in movement that bypasses the well-worn movement patterns that lead to pain.


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Let Go of Compulsive Actions

Each of us needs to learn to be in charge of our own body and experience WHILE being guided to become aware of unhelpful habits. Movement patterns run deep, even when they’re dysfunctional and/or cause pain. Interrupting them and providing options is a key component of the Feldenkrais Method®. Break the pattern and discover the possibilities.

What we hear from new students

While each person has a unique set of circumstances that puts them in the place they are and they perceive their situation in a personalized way, there are some common concerns we hear:

  • Back, hip, and shoulder pain is common
  • People are looking to regain mobility or find ease of movement
  • Participants want to be more aware of their body
  • All-over stiffness and tightness crop up often
  • Many people are recovering from surgery
  • And we hear from many people who are looking to “age gracefully” and maintain strength, flexibility, and balance

How we can help

We love getting input from our participants because it helps us tailor our sessions to manage common concerns and complaints. We can help through:

  • Slow, thoughtful movements which help you know your own body. To be present to yourself, not only while doing the movements but at other times in the day as well
  • Gradually reintroducing flexibility by learning how the parts of your body and mind can more optimally work together
  • Finding ease through doing less. Our motto: “Less pain, more gain” isn’t just something cute to say. When the nervous system feels safe, it will let you do more
  • Joint pain often comes from excessive use or load on one area and less on another. Through novel movement sequences, you can learn to redistribute effort throughout your body instead of relying on a few areas so much
  • The lessons will help you relocate your center of mass in space and time, so you have better balance and the capacity to restore equilibrium
  • Feeling youthful, energized, and optimistic are common things we hear. This is a natural outgrowth of learning to move more efficiently and pleasurably

Your Learning Body Includes

Total Value: $3,475

Wait! There are bonuses too!

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Bonus #1 Value $200

Sounder Sleep System lessons

De-stress and get a great night’s sleep. We’re including downloadable audio lessons by Sounder Sleep System expert Larry Wells that will help you find a faster way to a more rejuvenating sleep. These lessons are also very valuable for people who suffer with anxiety and chronic pain. As you know, insomnia and chronic pain are linked and any approach to chronic pain needs to include an approach to quality sleep. 

Bonus #2 Value $200

Bones for Life lessons

We’ve selected key lessons (both video and audio) that everyone needs for bone and joint health as well as for healthy posture. 

Bonus #3 Value $100

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) meditations

Are you ready to travel back to a place of innocence? Through these downloadable audios, NLP trainer Larry Wells will help you foster resilience by returning to innocence in these downloadable audios [Value $100]

When the doors close, they stay closed for a year.
Don’t wait another year before joining Your Learning Body! 

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Experience ease and joy through better movement, better thinking. It’s about getting out of your head – into your body.

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Go from wear and tear to wear and repair.

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With the support of a community and the ease of learning online, you can integrate self-care and growth into daily living.

Your expert guide

Headshot of Cynthia Allen, a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence

Cynthia Allen

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence
Co-creator of Integral Human Gait theory

My own life in movement was a challenging one. Until I tried the Feldenkrais Method, I had no idea I could actually experience ease in my body. Through the work I found freedom not only in my body but in my mind.

Since then, I have been privileged to lead thousands of people to greater comfort and increased function. From the basics of getting up and down to walking and the more robust in running, sailing, tennis, golf, or climbing Kilimanjaro, it is a thrill to see people expand!

I am also deeply interested in recovery from trauma. This work can soothe the nervous system and then help it recalibrate for challenge without continually being triggered by past events.

My own “7 Keys to Turning on Your Learning Body” brings home the depth and the breath of this work. I hope you will join our community of learning bodies.

Let's Recap Your Options:

9-Week Entry Course Only

$ 500 One-time fee
  • All I want is the incredible 9-week live Unlocking Your Learning Body course with replays

The course will be offered live via Zoom on two different days and times per week starting the week of June 7th. It will also be available on replay should there be schedule conflicts. YOU WON’T MISS A THING.

Your Learning Body Membership

$ 57 Monthly
  • Includes 9-week Live Entry Course
  • Plus, over 250 Your Learning Body videos and audios available for streaming anytime, anywhere.
  • Live class access periodicially through out the year
  • Private Facebook discussion group for community and accountability
  • Have a pain or challenge? Search our lesson database and get recommendations
  • TOTAL VALUE $3,555
  • Annual Membership of $497/year allows you to save a whopping $187/year!

What does the membership include again?

Total Value: $3,475

PLUS there are $500 in Bonuses


Bonus #1:  Sounder Sleep System lessons  [Value $200]

Bonus #2:  Select Bones for Life lessons   [Value $200]

Bonus #3:  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) meditations  [Value $100]

Complete membership value $3,975
but you can start enjoying for only $57/month

30 day money back guarantee icon

Want to try it but concerned it might not be for you?

We have a 30-day, no questions asked guarantee. You ask and we will give you a refund.

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Other cool features of the online library

While lessons are arranged into recommended series, you can search by:
Lesson length
Body area
Difficulty level

You can also keep your own personal notes online within each lesson.

"Healing is done by engaging the intelligence of the body through learning. Learning requires curiosity, stimulation of new possibilities and safety. All three are vital to the quality movement--chicken soup of health."

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Q. Do I need to be online or have a web camera to benefit? 
A. While we do have downloadable files, this is an online program. You will want to be comfortable with basic use of a computer and the internet. To fully participate in the live sessions, you will want a web camera. This can be on your phone, tablet or computer. If you don’t have a web camera or you are camera shy, no worries. You can still see the instructor and follow along just as well.

Q. Will it play on my computer, ipad, tablet or smartphone? 
A. It sure will!

Q. What if I can’t make the live sessions?
A. We will record live sessions and post them for later viewing so there is never any need to worry that you won’t get all the goodness you hope for. 

Q. Is this a renewing subscription?
A. Yes, it is. You can cancel anytime, but it does auto renew.

Q. What is the refund policy?
A. 30-day. No-questions-asked.

DISCLAIMER: Results are not guaranteed, product not affiliated with nor endorsed by Facebook™️

Questions? Let's chat by email

30 days money back guarantee icon

30-Day Money Back Guarantee,
no questions asked.

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