“It was our first summit. And still has rich, deep content. I would pay for the upgrade just to listen to my interview with Russell Delman. In six summits, this is the most potent interview to date for me, with deep-heart connection while exploring difficult topics. There is growth waiting for you in that interchange.”

Cynthia Allen

Featuring leading practitioners and speakers
from around the world

The Feldenkrais Method® And Interpersonal Neurobiology

Co – Host

Breaking News (But Not To Moshe In 1940): It’s All About Your Brain

From Embodiment To Freedom: The Path Of Awareness

Acid Reflux And Vagal Tone, It’s A Far Reach, But It’s Real

The Feldenkrais Method Meets Parkour

Crossing Paths with Yoga

Why does Lifelong Learning
take so long? Neuroplasticity,
perception, and prowess
Secret Ninja Training:
an Intelligent Nervous System’s
Guide to Arts and Activism

On Better Judo

“The summit is an inspiration and strong connector with the larger world…a welcome step into the future!” -Donna Blank

In those moments when awareness succeeds in being at one with feeling, senses, movement and thought, the carriage will speed along the right road. Then man can make discoveries, invent, create, innovate and “know”. 

~ Moshe Feldenkrais (May 6, 1904 – July 1, 1984)

Moshe Feldenkrais:
Stories about a Master Storyteller

7 Essentials for Working with Special Children

Better Hearing through the
Somatic Experience of Sound

Sensing and Shifting Emotional States

Clinical Hermeneutics: To Whose Rigor will you Submit?

Dancing: Thinking Body/Moving Mind

The Singing Self:
Somatic Learning for
Voice Performers (or anyone!)

Grow Young with Your Dog

The Aware Athlete:
Age is Irrelevant

How to Become
a Balanced Runner

“Gates” within Gait

Multiple Sclerosis: Take Charge
of Your Mobility and Function – Become an Expert on You

Calm Your Nerves –
Body Centered Strategies to Reduce
Anxiety, Stress and Tension

Finding Strength Through Awareness: Where Feldenkrais and Pilates Meet

On Imagination and Instinct

“Best conference! And I’ve been attending professional conferences for 45+ years and have done many online summits. The interviewing was fantastic. It was a potent and inspiring Summit.” -Eric Lichtman

“I thought I would watch a couple interviews during the Summit, but I quickly understood that this was much more than “interesting interviews” – it was a very valuable experience for my growth and learning. I ended up listening to most of them live and purchased the lifetime access!” – Francine Bonjour-Carter

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