Is Your Movement Good Enough

We are all about life-long learning. But learning about what? We are particularly interested in learning to move better and feeling better. If we take walking as one example, virtually every one of us can improve this “basic” function. But we think we walk just fine. We think we walk “good enough.” We want to challenge you to go beyond good enough learning.

The idea of good enough learning is evolutionary. The brain is wired to learn a movement until you can do it good enough, not until you master it. By only learning to the point of good enough, you’re freed to learn the next step in evolution or growth more quickly.

As an illustration, think of how a baby develops. They start to stand and then they begin walking. They certainly haven’t mastered standing before they take their first steps. You’ll even see them begin moving faster and running before they can stand without wobbling. This quick movement and development was necessary when humans evolved because it helped them get food and not become food.

But good enough is not really good enough for a longer lifespan. It gets you by with some wear and tear that’s easily repaired when you’re younger. But as we live longer, we realize that it’s not as easy to repair our bodies and that small amounts of wear can add up.

If you’re ready to rediscover that child-like glee you got from exploration, you can move beyond good enough. As Cynthia Allen explains in your video Beyond Good Enough, it involves “reengaging with ourselves in meaningful but novel ways.”

Starting from where you are and making that square one on the path to beyond good enough opens doors to more efficient movement, deeper understanding of your true capabilities, and a healthier, more joyful experience.

Try the short Awareness Through Movement® lesson that’s included in the video. Can you find ways to move beyond what would normally be good enough to experiencing more? Involving your body in different ways, including other parts of your body, and maintaining awareness breaks down habits and opens new experiences.

In the Feldenkrais Method®, we are always exploring the learning edge that will allow us to move in increasingly efficient and pleasurable ways. In ways that transform the wear and tear cycle into a wear and repair cycle and even onward into a wear and grow cycle. The Feldenkrais Method is at the heart of our Your Learning Body community where you can engage with Cynthia in regular Awareness Through Movement lessons and find how you can move better, feel better, and live better.


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Cynthia Allen
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