Jaime Polanco Feldenkrais Summit


Jaime Polanco

Fascinating the Brain: Where Feldenkrais and Illusionism Meet

Track: Creativity

Friday May 3rd, 2019, at 8 am EDT (New York)

For a long time, magicians have fooled us with their card tricks (and with coins, rope, dice, cups and balls….) They understood that there was something important about our attention, memory, expectations and the role of emotions in the construction of “our reality”. The most important thing in a magic show is not the “hand technique” but the functioning of the human brain. Magicians knew it in an empirical way: they knew how to fool our brain but not why it worked. Recent studies are showing what happens in the brain while we see magic tricks. This knowledge could be a good support for understanding how the Feldenkrais Method® works, for future research, and maybe even bring us some ideas for our daily practice.

About Jaime Polanco

  • Physiotherapist (2002)
  • Training in Muscular Chains: GDS Method (2005)
  • Training in Bobath Concept (2006)
  • Feldenkrais practitioner (2014)
  • Advanced Feldenkrais trainings with Larry Goldfarb, Angelica Feldmann, Beatriz Walterspiel, Yehudit Silver, Andrew Lutz
  • More than 20 years reading about and studying illusionism
  • Since 2014 I have had an intense professional practice with the Feldenkrais Method, in ATM and FI
  • I teach several thematic workshops every year, introducing the Method to health care professionals and general public
  • Guest Teacher in the Platform of Somatic for Architecture and Landscape
  • Guest Teacher in Movements 2018 at Harvard University where I taught the workshop “Illusionism, Lateral Thinking and Somatic Applying the Feldenkrais Method

Learn more about Jaime’s practice at www.vivirenmovimiento.com 

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