John Sharkey Feldenkrais Summit


John Sharkey

Biotensegrity-Anatomy for the 21st Century

Track: Structure and Tensegrity 

Monday May 6th, 2019, at 7 pm EDT (New York)

Originally, in the 1980’s, John called his model the “one” theory, explaining that in human anatomy specifically and living anatomy generally there is only “one”. One everything. No separate parts, no pin joints, no linear forces, no contiguity only continuity. We grow ourselves. We self-develop. We self-emerge.

This presentation takes the listener on a new journey of discovery concerning the true nature of human embryology and living anatomy.  John believes that how we perceive our form and nature influences, negatively or positively, the way we see our inner and outer world, our ability to self-heal, our falsely held limitations and our poorly understood possibilities.

Biotensegrity-Anatomy for the 21st Century promotes a paradigm shift of biblical proportions. John delivers this complex topic in easy to understand, easy to grasp and in an easy to integrate manner based on a vocabulary and language that John has acquired and refined over a thirty-five-year career as a Clinical Anatomist, Exercise Physiologist and Human Movement Practitioner.

John considers fascia as the black matter of our inner universe providing the matrix for specialization along a continuum. This presentation will resonate with those seeking new explanations and descriptions of the human fascial net.

About John Sharkey

John Sharkey is an international educator, author and authority in the areas of clinical anatomy, exercise science, human movement and the manual treatment of chronic pain. John is a graduate of the University of Dundee, the University of Liverpool and the University of Chester. He completed undergraduate and post-graduate studies in the areas of exercise physiology, clinical anatomy and holds a post-graduate certificate in education. He is currently a senior lecturer within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Life Sciences, University of Chester/NTC, Dublin and is the program leader of the biotensegrity focused Thiel soft fix cadaver dissection courses department of anatomy and human identification, Dundee University, Scotland.

John has been delivering human anatomy dissection courses for many years, teaching the geometry of anatomy and movement from the unique “Biotensegrity-Anatomy for the 21st Century” perspective. His presentations are respectful, dynamic, entertaining, educational and insightful.

John promotes his model of “Biotensegrity-Anatomy for the 21st Century” integrating the pioneering work of his mentor Dr. Stephen Levin, MD. John has been teaching European Neuromuscular Therapy using living anatomy and specializing in chronic pain conditions. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on fascia and biotensegrity. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (JBMT), International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine and other professional journals.


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Learn more about John and his dissection courses at: 

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