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Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan Feldenkrais Summit


Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan

Maps Within Maps

Track: Nervous System Health

Thursday May 2nd, 2019, at 8 am EDT (New York)

The simple patterns we re-enact every day are sources of our biggest challenges and our greatest improvements. Understanding this—experientially as well as intellectually—offers an exciting way to live more happily.

Seven powerful organising principles of movement provide useful maps for navigating and investigating your own movement challenges, whether ongoing niggles, recurring injuries, stiffness, pain, or improving your path to excellence. Like layering maps, the principles add dimension, detail and diverse perspectives to the territory that is us.

Julie and Lesley are delighted to take you on a reconnoiter of these principles, which can also be visited in more detail in their book, Moving from the Inside Out.  Through stories and guided experiments, they elaborate on using the ideal conditions for neuroplastic change to resolve complex problems more easily than you might expect, in more situations than you might imagine.

About the book upon which this presentation is based:
“…full of practical exercises and convincing stories about how to get to know yourself better from the inside–and the inestimable benefits that result if you do. I found it fascinating and enlightening–and you will too.”  –Guy Claxton, author of Intelligence in the Flesh

About Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan

Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan teamed up four years ago to run ‘a couple’ of webinars on organising principles of movement. Nine webinars and a whole book later they are getting comfortable with explaining how these ideas can be used by practitioners, students and first-time visitors to the Feldenkrais Method®.

The foundations come from Julie’s exploration of her own physical challenges, her private practice, public teaching, studying source material, talking to colleagues, and some zillion hours of thoughtful action and deep reflection. Julie has worked with adults and infants, individuals with great talent and others with most profound disability. As she adapted to increasingly diverse demands, she distilled more of her experiences into teachable chunks and as educational director for numerous Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Programs, she has clarified those ‘chunks’ under the spotlight of students’ questions.

Lesley’s brush with the Feldenkrais Method also started some thirty years ago, when she was studying and performing physical theater in London. Inspired by a teacher of tantalising wisdom, she trained as a practitioner and ran a part-time practice. Then, as often happens when life swirls us around, Lesley veered off into other arenas. Returning to practice after a long break and many detours, she met the incomparable Julie and their partnership in exploring and explaining the organising principles began. 

Using Lesley’s ‘beginner’s mind’ and Julie’s deep knowledge, they have co-authored Moving from the Inside Out.
Register in at potentself.com – we will let you know progress.
To find out about their book: www.potentself.com
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