NLP training with master practitioner Larry Wells


“Dad’s been really weird since he got back from California.” It was said as if “weird” were a good thing. My older daughter was on the phone with a friend, referring to my return from a recent training in California that had drastically changed the way I related to my family, my friends and my work. 

The significant change I experienced happened in an instant. Out of nowhere, in the middle of working with what is called the Logical Alignment process of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I suddenly knew my purpose. It was clearer than it had ever been before and it made all the difference.

My purpose existed for the well-being of the entire ecological system. 

Let me tell you that when your life’s mission is necessary for the well-being of the entire ecological system, life is lived differently. I didn’t try to be different, I was different. I knew with a capital K that something significant had happened. Over the next several weeks I discovered myself responding to life very differently than I had before that event. Achieving was easier. The way I related to people improved. I was much clearer about where I was going and how to get there. It was as if everyone in my life–my children, my co-workers, my clients—were colleagues that respected one another’s mission and worked to create an environment in which those missions could be fulfilled simultaneously.

To this day, this is why I do what I do. I am committed to helping people live in a “world to which people want to belong” (from the motto of Neuro Linguistic Programming University: Creating a world to which people want to belong). In addition to that I am committed to teaching others how to help people create such a world. I am dedicated to being a leader in the mission of world transformation. You and I can make a difference. Please join me over the next few weeks as I introduce more about Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

Larry Wells
Larry Wells

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