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Retrain the Brain with NLP

With Larry Wells, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Consultant

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“I am amazed at how powerful and useful Larry’s techniques are in my work with clients."

- Cyndi Wineinger

Use NLP for Better Listening, Better Questions and Fast, Effective Wins.
For coaches, therapists, trainers, movement educators, and leaders of all types.

It can be so disheartening when a client is stuck…

You want to be able to help clients change their lives: to be a powerful influence and give the very best to everyone that you work with. But when the tools you’ve been using can’t reach your clients in the right way, you know something needs to change.

A stuck client really does make for a stuck therapist.

With goals that your clients can say YES to with their whole entire being, you’ll finally start to see the success they deserve. Without those goals, eliminating self-destructive behaviors or adding self-care plans – the hard stuff in life – further builds a HABIT OF FAILURE instead of the desired HABIT OF SUCCESS.


There are no noncompliant clients. There are only client/therapist relationships that aren’t working.

Once you go through this process yourself, you will have the tools to use it with clients, taking them from stuck to the JOY of SUCCESS.

Who Am I?​

Like you, I have been a life-long seeker of personal growth AND of helping others. While I have been an NLP Practitioner for 30 years now, I was first a teacher in elementary and secondary education. Then I became a minister for two decades. In that time, I saw many people come through my door that needed more options for emotional and physical healing than our professional communities could offer. I sought out NLP. And Wow!

First it TRANSFORMED MY LIFE and then I was able to use it to help others. For the last decade, I have also been training coaches, trainers, movement teachers, managers, psychologists and anyone who wants to help people more effectively.

I am super excited to share these SUCCESS TOOLS with you!

Larry Wells , M.DIV, MSW

NLP Master Practitioner

Trainer and Consultant

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Retrain the Brain with NLP

With Larry Wells, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Consultant

January 12, 17 and 19
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In this powerful, 3-day live interactive training, you will:

PLUS these BONUS tools:

Just look at what our previous NLP students had to say!

"A remarkable change in how I work with clients and in my ongoing personal development.”

-Delmar Davis

"I learned to be with people and converse with them rather than respond to them in an exaggerated way."

-Judith Johnson

Just imagine where you could be in just 3 days with this incredible, free live training. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Join Larry Wells for this free series on NLP

January 12, 17 and 19
Participate live or on replay when you register
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