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BONES FOR LIFE 2024 Professional and Teacher Training

If you are not a healthcare/wellness/movement professional, CLICK HERE for your options.

These all-too-common problems often have root causes in the way a person walks.

Did you know...
We can WALK ourselves into DISEASE
We can WALK ourselves into HEALTH?
Knowing the difference is essential for you and your clients.

An avalanche of research studies show that lack of walking contributes to disease, including pain, osteoarthritis, dementia, depression, and many other conditions. But it isn’t just about quantity.

Poor quality walking not only leads to less walking and decreased enjoyment, it also leads to bone and joint problems and increased fall and fracture risk.

Quality walking is quality medicine.

And it starts with creating dynamic, postural alignment from the inside out.

“I’ve been in the field of health and wellness for over 47 years. I’m not easily impressed. I've also had a lot of accidents and injuries.

Now I have young grandchildren and I want to do things with them. I can get up and down from the floor, but I wanna run! Even as a Feldenkrais practitioner and Physical Therapist, there's always the fear of falling. I feel like Bones for Life has freed me from that fear."

"When I'm running with either my new little puppy dog or my grandson, I'm feeling every bit of how my foot is on the ground. It's so practical. 
Beth Rubenstein
Physical Therapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner

You try to tell people to stay in their own safe range of movement, but still many try too hard, don’t seem to listen and even injure themselves.

When this happens, people become discouraged and often just quit trying. But Bones for Life® is an approach that leans into training people to trust their own sensations and to know what is right for them. We know that when clients are given quality information and the opportunity to make their own movement decisions, they will make great ones that will positively affect their health today and tomorrow.

Bones for Life

Scalable Somatic Education for the Healthy and Not-So-Healthy

Bones for Life, created by Ruthy Alon, is based in the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. Alon kept the innate power of engaging neuroplasticity for change while creating 90 streamlined movement processes that go to the heart of dynamic postural balance which is essential to weight-bearing bone health, walking, and reducing fall risk.

As a somatic learning approach, we will start with you learning about yourself. You will be immersed in the experience beside those doing it for their own health. This allows you to witness how it affects people who could be your own clients. And it lets you get physical benefit while learning the movement processes.

Somatic education is to learn from the inside out. We are born with this ability. 

Yet using this inborn intelligence is often missing in today’s rehab and fitness worlds, and if we are truthful, from adult experience in general.

Body intelligence together with cognitive intelligence defines a usable path towards function and vitality. Bones for Life® is a practical, available, and transportable somatic education approach that does just that.
“My patients are so scared of re-fracturing that it takes me a very long time to get them comfortable even trying new things. My osteoporosis patients move with less fear and feel that they are in total control. That's huge. My patients LOVE this work.

As with most things, whatever's good for somebody else is good for us too. I've gotten tons of benefits out of it.

I do a lot of virtual continuing ed online, and this is the best system I've ever used. The chapters and replays are amazing, They really are AMAZING! ”
Amy Morris
Physical Therapist specializing in scoliosis, osteoporosis, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

How Do The Classes Work?

Our Bones for Life Immersions and most of the Teacher Training are offered on-line. You don’t need to leave your home or office. And we offer several times per week to choose from.

  • Sessions are live! You will join the instructors via Zoom. 
  • Interactive sessions. We will stop periodically for questions and check-ins. This means you can be heard. And you can learn from other students too.
  • Exercises are Accessible. Done in sitting, standing and lying on a mat. Participants can even use a bed.
  • Replays! If you can’t make a class you can watch on replay. But there is more than that. You can watch these replays for weeks, months and years to come. 
  • Searchable, usable replays. Your replays will be housed on our platform which has incredible features. Each replay is divided into chapters making it easy to do a little today, a little tomorrow.  When you want to do that one exercise called SILKEN SCARF, you can search for it. You recall a story about a Russian space engineer, you can search for it. 
“The Bones For Life program is the best training I've ever had on how to help clients with physical interferences, limitations, and challenges. The program itself is phenomenal and comprehensive, and Cynthia is a superb, highly skilled teacher and guide. The retreat was invaluable to the program, both for learning processes that are much better understood in person, and for allowing us to create a tightly-knit community on which we can rely for further study and support.”
Rosario Montoya
Reflexology and Remedial Massage Therapist

We need to stop the gravitational pull!

And make gravity an ally for power in standing and walking.

Today is the day to start making a positive difference.

We often hear that after the first couple of classes students are already showing their students, friends and family how to bounce on heels to improve bone health, ways to easily get up and down from a chair or the ground, or how to align for better posture. Why? Because when we learn something valuable, we want to share it. 

Bones for Life develops your awareness of pressure and how it travels through your body. Through its stimulating, weight-bearing movements, you will rapidly reorganize into increasingly higher potential.

Movements are taught in a variety of positions. We start in the safety of lying down, returning to sensation and finding our alignment in relation to the floor (but you can use a bed if you need to). Then we move to supported standing, then unsupported upright and finally more dynamic balance challenges.

"I have been a fitness instructor my entire career. If I got to start over, I would begin with Bones for Life and then take that into fitness because I would be more successful in my own body and with teaching all the forms of dance and exercise."
Toni Norris-Barnard
Fitness Instructor, Bones for Life Teacher

BONES FOR LIFE® 2024/2025

Online, live virtual training for continuing education, teacher certification, and your own health.

If you are a wanting to take this for your own health only, CLICK HERE.

Join us in crafting, movement process-by-movement process, a new body and a life-giving relationship with gravity.

“I suffered two different injuries from adjustments made in yoga class. A hamstring tear and a severe neck injury that wasn’t healing. When I started bouncing on heels, (a Bones for Life exercise) I learned just a little tap was extremely helpful! I could do that while brushing my teeth or drying myself off in the shower. It made such a difference doing bouncing on heels in the morning and in the evening. If it sounds like I’m a believer, it’s because I am a believer.”
Nikki Owens
Nikki Owens
Phd, E-RYT 500, YACEP

 Option 1: Immersions 1, 2 and 3 is only $2,025

Need a smaller taste?


You can also sign up for Immersion 1 only at this time for $675 and then move on to Immersion 2 and 3, if you choose. Click here for Immersion 1 only. 

Convenient, interest-free Payment Plans Available. 

Choose what works best for you.

Take the Immersions only or commit to yourself and your students by becoming a Teacher.

In each immersion you will receive:

  • 22-26 new movement processes that systematically address specific areas of the body inviting an integrated whole.
  • 20 hours of live, expert instruction.
  • Lifetime access to replays means ongoing capability to revisit and deepen your capacity.
  • 2 Optional Professional Discussion sessions with Sr. Trainer, Cynthia Allen, to break down applications to clients and answer your specific questions about processes learned in the prior 2-3 weeks. 
  • A Facebook group where you can ask questions, chat with each other and the instructors.
  • Continuing Education Units (see FAQ for details).
  • Access to peer-led progress pods after Immersion 1.
  • Limited class sizes.

75% Live On-line Attendance is required at each Immersion for anyone wanting CEUS or to certify as a teacher.


Option 2:  Teacher Training

After you complete the 3 Immersions, you can officially join the Teacher Training which includes:

  • 56 hours of online training with Cynthia Allen.
  • 3 detailed manuals for the 90 Bones for Life processes.
  • 10-point strategy for analyzing processes from functional application to safety precautions and underlying principles used.
  • Multi-discipline team interaction expanding your knowledge exponentially.
  • Marketing instruction appropriate to today’s environment helping you to identify your target audience and talk in a language they are hungry to hear.
  • 8-day live retreat outside of Cincinnati, Ohio where you will learn partner processes, honing your observational skills, and how to interact with students through touch when needed.
  • Lifetime access to all recordings.
  • 30 hours of student teaching (arranged on your own time with ample support and a time line that fits your life demands).
  • 24 hours of mentoring (arranged on your own time with personal assistance from Cynthia Allen).
  • 3 hours of private, one-to-one mentoring with Cynthia Allen.
  • 6 hours in Neuro Linguistic Programming with Larry Wells to aid you in communication skills, speaking or workshop construction, confidence in teaching, and more.
  • Access to Cynthia Allen’s Posture, Power and Balance class recordings where you can experience an even deeper breaking down of processes for people with limited mobility.
  • Teacher Resources such as research articles, videos, and even audio lessons of Ruthy Alon teaching.
  • Introductory Teacher-in-training membership to the Foundation for Movement Intelligence (our North American certifying body).

Choose between three convenient dates/times:

Mondays, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. EST with a 30-minute break
Wednesdays and Fridays. 6 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. EST
Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. EST with a 30-minute break.

You do need to choose an option, but you can mix and match according to your schedule needs. You can change the day of the week for Immersion 2 and 3 if needed when those times arrive.

5-week program starting the week of April 1, 2024

5-week program starting the week of May 29, 2024

5-week program starting the week of July 22, 2024

Class minimums and maximums have been established.

You still have time! Register today and gain access to the 3rd live session! Plus all the replays.

Teacher Training

In addition to the 3 Immersions, when you register for the teacher training, you will also participate in 13 Online Saturday sessions in 2025.


8-day in-person Retreat

October or November of 2025

Immersion 1, 2 and 3 + Teacher Training = $5,995

When you sign up for the entire training now, you receive Immersion 3 FREE. That’s a savings of $675.


This Teacher Training is among the highest quality and is a transformative experience.

Sign up today and get 3 Bones for Life manuals — available only to those who commit to the Teacher Training.

You can download the immersion dates, including the optional Professional Discussion groups HERE.

Convenient, interest-free Payment Plans Available.

It’s a leap of faith because the 2025 dates won’t be posted until August, 2024 but the biggest cost savings is when you make that leap right now.  

The fee will go up for those deciding on the Teacher Training portion at a later date.

 I want to give a really big shout-out to Cynthia Allen and her team for the quality content, their talents, and skills at delivering it and the tone with which it is carried out.
I turn 69 in a few weeks; I had a career in academia and have been through many trainings and certifications. This is by far, hands down, the best I’ve experienced.

We learn to “market” ourselves and find a clientele.  This is a crucial aspect I have not encountered in any other training I have taken.  I’ve left those trainings thinking, “Well, now I know how to teach this, but how do I get students?”  With Cynthia, we've been given the opportunity to build up confidence in ourselves and learn and practice ways to speak that excite us and our target audience, while staying true to our own unique voice and personality. 

Roma Cusimano
Essentrics Instructor, Bones for Life Teacher

Can you imagine your life, your practice, in a year from now?

We can. Because your instructors have felt the change in their own lives. And because of what new and experienced graduates have told us.  

“I wish I had a time machine and I could travel back to when I was hiring people to work in our community health centers, our programs for teenagers and school-based health centers, and our programs to help frail seniors thrive until their end of life. A lot of folks could incorporate Bones for Life in their life, and they wouldn't have to reach for medications with side effects and great expense.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the teacher's training for Bones for Life. Don't hesitate.

I say this as a 65-year-old woman aware she's aging and as a retired family physician who worked in five different states in various communities. The teacher's training was one of the most remarkable things I've ever done in my entire life.”
Laura Frankenstein
Retired Family Physician
“I was challenged because I was a full-time teacher and a part-time shiatsu practitioner, managing a lot. And I'm also a performing artist, and I was doing shows during this process of training. I was in tech rehearsals. And I, I'll tell you, the time I spent in our Zoom classes made everything better about all the other things I was doing. I was a better actor, I was a better teacher. I was a better shiatsu practitioner. It improved everything, and I felt so much better while I was doing it.“
Linda Nenno
Theater Professor and Shiatsu Practitioner

The Question is:

What do YOU WANT for YOUR LIFE and YOUR PRACTICE right now and tomorow?

“I was aware towards the end of the Teacher Training online that my perception of the world was expanding, and this may be related to spatial orientation, but there was just so much that I felt the world was bigger than before. Additionally, I believe there is great value in being able to be curious, being in a very safe environment, and being able to make this possible through group interactions, individual practice of doing the processes, and just allowing movement to happen.

Regardless of whether one intends to be a teacher or not, it's a wonderful course program that can be used in teaching and in life! “
Anne Treadwell

Meet Your Senior Trainer

Cynthia Allen

Cynthia Allen

Bones for Life® Trainer, Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence

Cynthia is one of the most experienced Bones for Life trainers in North America. She trained directly with and was certified by Ruthy Alon, the creator of Movement Intelligence and Bone for Life.

She has been working in holistic practices, health care management and organizational consulting for over 35 years. She is a Certified Feldenkrais® practitioner, Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence and Certified Bones for Life® Teacher/Trainer. Cynthia is also co-creator of Integral Human Gait theory.

Cynthia trains and certifies Movement Intelligence teachers around the world and teaches Integral Human Gait theory workshops as well as other continuing education opportunities. She has a keen interest in reducing chronic pain and increasing pleasure through awareness and movement.

Meet Your Immersion Teachers

Brian Bones for life teacher

Brian Shircliff

Bones for Life® Teacher

Brian pioneered teaching a meditation elective and bringing meditation to the two sports he coached while a teacher at St. Xavier High School (1997-2003). With many friends, Brian founded VITALITY Cincinnati in 2010 to share holistic self-care education.

In addition to being a Bones for Life® Teacher, he has been a tai chi practitioner/teacher since 1997, a yoga teacher (registered through Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500), Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, and more recently he completed his training to become a Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and became an NLP Practitioner.

He is a lifelong learner.

Andrea Bones for Life

Andrea Tutt

Bones for Life® Teacher

Andrea is a graduate of one of Canada’s leading Theatre Conservatories has taught acting, dance, and movement studies in many established training facilities including; Ontario Ballet School in Toronto Canada, Toi Whakaari – New Zealand’s National Drama School, New Zealand School of Dance, and University of Minnesota’s BFA/Guthrie Theatre Acting program. Currently residing in Cincinnati, Andrea serves on faculty in the theatre/music theatre/dance departments at Xavier, NKU, Miami, and CCM at UC.  

Andrea regularly teaches on wellness retreats and has been honored to frequently join the faculty of “Sempre Sano, Forever Healthy” in collaboration with the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness at UC in Cincinnati and Spring Island South Carolina 2018 – 2022, as well as Tuscany Italy in 2019. Along with running her own business; Attune Movement, Andrea is an advanced certified Yoga and Pilates teacher, trained Bones for Life Practitioner, and the proud mom of two incredible kids. Andrea completed her Masters in Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College, Vermont in January 2020.

Christine Cutbush

Christine Cutbush

Bones for Life® Teacher

Christine’s movement therapy training is extensive and spans 30 years of collective education. Her journey began in 1994, studying multiple Yoga styles, teaching private clients and at various studios. Christine added Reflexology to her portfolio in 1996.

In 2003 Christine became a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. She established her own private practice, teaching group classes/workshops in Los Angeles and Mexico. Deepening her knowledge in 2008, completing the Bones for Life and Walk for Life Teacher trainings. Christine had the fortunate opportunity to study directly with Ruthy Alon.

Christine returned home to New Zealand in 2012 creating a private practice incorporating Feldenkrais, Bones for Life and Reflexology. This combination of knowledge and skills is improving people’s quality of life.


NEED NEW TESTIMONIAL “Continuing with Bones For Life, Teacher's Certification was one of the best decisions I ever made, both for my professional and personal growth.

It gave me confidence as a teacher and brought my observation skills to a new level. It provided a sense of belonging to a lineage and connection to a professional community. It unleashed my creativity and opened a new perspective on what I wanted to do and how. It inspired, motivated, and transformed me on so many levels that I'm still processing that...I truly can say I feel it in my bones!
Natalia Waldman
Certified Feldenkrais Teacher, Certified Bones for Life Teacher


Online, live virtual training for continuing education, teacher certification, and your own health.

If you are taking this for your own health only, CLICK HERE to read about those options



You can even start with Immersion 1 only by CLICKING HERE.

Convenient, interest-free payment plans available for all programs. 

Need help?  Reach out in chat or send us an email at support@futurelifenow.com 
We will walk you through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bones for Life program is designed to provide a movement answer to the problem of bone deterioration. The learning principles behind the Feldenkrais Method are interpreted in a different way so they engage and stimulate the bones to function in a counter-gravity way. We challenge you to move in new ways and to learn how to adapt healthily and seamlessly.

All Immersions sure are! Your sessions will be live and replays can be accessed on our platform. If you move into the Teacher Training, the last week will be in person and that is important to know. Only a pandemic would change that.

Yes and yes! All the videos, audio, and transcripts can be viewed from any of those platforms.

In an effort to protect privacy, the videos for Immersions 1-3 are not downloadable. However, the audios are. The videos and audios of all the teacher training sessions, both in person and online will be available to you.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Should you have any problems with your payment: please contact us. 

We want to facilitate growth and know cost can sometimes be an issue. We are pleased to offer a limited number of partial scholarships based on need. Please read our scholarship policy and apply here.

If you do the first immersion (which includes taking care of yourself and working at your own pace) and don’t experience improvement, we will refund your purchase. This needs to be requested by March 29 and will include a review of attendance or use of replays as well as a conversation about your experience. No refunds will be issued after that time.

This purchase gives you right to use these recordings for your own personal or professional growth. You are not authorized to share them with anyone else.

Once the Teacher Training begins you will be at the Teacher In Training stage. Student Teaching will be a part of this stage. Once you complete all the requirements, you will be a Bones for Life Certified Teacher.

Each Immersion is eligible for 20 credits through NCBTMB for massage and bodyworkers.

20 credits for Feldenkrais Practitioners through the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

Physical and Occupational Therapists: We can provide all the documentation needed for you to apply through your organization. Their direct fee to you is usually around $25 per immersion.

State Acupuncture requirements often accept this course.

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