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Reducing the Impact of Anxiety - Stress - Trauma

Julie Francis
Calm Your Nerves – Body Centered Strategies to Reduce Anxiety, Stress & Tension

Albert Wong
Healing Trauma: From Fragmentation to Embodiment

Buffy Owens
The Breath of Resilience

David Zemach-Bersin
Reducing The Body Pattern of Anxiety and Stress



Active Lifestyle - Sports

Rich Goldsand
New perspectives on weight training: A Feldenkrais® approach

Jae Gruenke
How to Become a Balanced Runner

Angela Crowley
The GYROTONIC® System: A New Paradigm for Fitness

Elizabeth Beringer
Dynamism, Survival, and Finesse: Martial Arts and The Feldenkrais Method


Pain - Health Challenges

Julie Peck and Lesley Mclennan
Maps Within Maps

Todd Hargrove
Pain, Science and Feldenkrais

Susan Hillier
Neuroplasticity, Stroke, and Traumatic Brain Injury

Marg Bartosek
Navigating the Territory: Updating the Movement Map for People Living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD)


Research - Anatomy - Clinical

Dr. Robert Schleip
Fascia as a Sensory Organ

Tom Myers
The Neuromyofascial Web

Pradeep Chopra, M.D.
Understanding EDS and CRPS

Gil Hedley
Integral anatomy: Textural layers, continuity and relationship

Larry Goldfarb
Accessing The Method: Timing, Orientation and Manipulation

Pain-Health Challenges
Opportunities-Challenges of Aging
Pain-Health Challenges

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How do I Access the Materials?

Online! You can log-in any time and view the materials. Most items are also downloadable to take with you on the go as well.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds for the standard participations level.

The Lifetime  and VIP levels have 14 days from the time the event begins or from your purchase date, whichever is longer.

Is it downloadable?

Lifetime and VIP sessions from the event will be downloadable.

“I just was able to join 2 classes. I felt as if someone had lifted invisible sandbags from my shoulders and hips that I felt that I could dispose of my entire drawer of prescriptions given to me by pain management. My new goal is to do just that! Thank you to all the instructors!”
“Soft hands. Calm mind. My whole being felt soft and light like a feather in a trance-like state during the lesson and afterward comfortably warm and relaxed with not only soft hands. I like these little one-hour vacations!”
“Thank you for an inspiring week. I have bought the full list of sessions, so I can explore at my leisure, but most of all I have been encouraged to find out more and to delve deeper into the Feldenkrais philosophy. I love its flexibility and wide application to mind and body.”

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