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Ease for Knees:

When strengthening exercises haven’t worked or bore you to death

Do any of these sound familiar?

You want, you need knees you can count on to take you where you want to go every single day and do what you want to do.

Research shows..

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a research project comparing quad strengthening to hip strengthening as a 12-week intervention for 200 people with kneecap pain.

There were no meaningful differences between the two groups. And wait, there is more. Neither group crossed the minimal clinically important change threshold.

MEANING: Our most common form of “evidence-based” rehab used for the last few decades is not evidence-based and for this kind of knee problem doesn’t work.

What are we to do?

In a Feldenkraisian approach, healthy knees is a combination of:

Dynamic, postural response.


Sensory-based experiences that awaken your brain to the possibilities.


Gaining clear awareness of your knee's position in motion and standing.

Is strength bad?

Of course not. But it is the wrong focus in many cases. Traditional medicine tends to lean exclusively on strengthening or flexibility. But what is often missing is how to connect to healthy, functional knees through the entire body and mind.

Ease for Knees:

Improving comfort, balance, walking and athletic performance

with Instructor Erifily Nikola

5 days of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

October  23 – 27, 2023 | 10 am and 6 pm

A LIVE 5-day, online course

Attend live on Zoom or on replay

The first class is free to everyone who claims it by October 23rd

What to expect from the daily Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lesson:

Ease for Knees:

Improving comfort, balance, walking and athletic performance

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About Your Instructor


Erifily Nikola is a Feldenkrais Practitioner with a passion for both the human body and the human potential.

Always having a keen interest in movement, she allowed her curiosity to lead the way. Erifily slowly migrated from more extrovert and visually oriented aspects of movement like dance to more subtle, healing and educational methods, first getting certified as a yoga teacher from Kripalu (MA, USA) and then as a Feldenkrais practitioner (Basel IV).

Currently, she is studying Shinzen Young’s Basic Mindfulness program, Gil Hedley’s online anatomy program, Modern Shamanism and Aikido.

She lives in Athens, Greece with her family of homo sapiens, cats and a dog & teaches online Feldenkrais lessons in Greek and English.

“In my classes I want to offer people the space and time to unfold themselves.”

Discover the power of well-integrated knees when the entire system knows its role and lets knees be knees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once each class is held live, we will place the recording  on the Future Life Now course platform for you to use anytime. This applies to those signing up for the entire series only.

 Yes. The training is online, via live zoom sessions.

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The audio is downloadable. In an effort to protect privacy, the videos are not downloadable.

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