With Larry Wells, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Consultant





With Larry Wells, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Consultant





With Larry Wells, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Consultant

That first contact between client and practitioner is so important. We all know that. So most of us go about the process of painstakingly building rapport over the course of several sessions. Trust is needed before the “real” work can begin.

What if I told you that you can build that rapport within the first 15, probably 5 minutes?

Using NLP principles, I am going to teach you how changing the way you think about your clients will give you and your clients a more empowered life for creating a new future.

You want to get deeper lasting results for your students. You not only want to feel confident in you and your client’s ability to grow, you want to awaken that confidence in them

What would it be like to do that on the very first visit? Instead of them leaving thinking, well maybe I might be able to get better. They leave with a deep sense that they are already getting better–because they are!

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is about clearly understanding the way others think and helping them get to the solution they need and seek, quickly and painlessly. It bypasses the trap of analyzing the past for resolution. Rather than reinforcing unfunctional behavior or events/trauma by retelling and reliving each situation, it brings untapped, unknown resources to their fingertips.

Who am I?

Like you, I have been a lifelong seeker of personal growth AND of helping others. While I have been an NLP Practitioner for 30 years now, I was first a teacher in elementary and secondary education. Then I became a minister for two decades. In that time, I saw many people come through my door that needed more options for emotional and physical healing than our professional communities could offer. I sought out NLP. And Wow! 

First it TRANSFORMED MY LIFE and then I was able to use it to help others and for the last decade have also been training coaches, trainers, movement teachers, managers, psychologists and anyone who wants to help people more effectively.

Larry Wells , M.DIV, MSW

NLP Master Practitioner

Trainer and Consultant

Want to try but concerned it might not be right for you?

Typically, most professionals take several sessions to develop a quality relationship with their client. 

This is the fast track to helping your clients get the lives they want.

In this powerful introductory series, you will learn: 

What you will get: 

  • E-booklet outlining 9 NLP Guiding Principles
  • Video lecture on how to further apply these principles in a professional setting.
  • Video demonstration of what the eyes can tell you.
  • Pdf guide for the most common eye movements, what they reveal and the compatible language patterns.
  • Video lecture on language patterns that tell us more than what we typically hear or understand


30-day refund policy

This introductory price will end on December 5th

But wait… with there are bonuses too!

Bonus #1 C.O.A.C.H. State [Value $50]

An easy-to-use and valuable practice for managing one’s own emotions and being well-grounded for potentially stressful or new situations. This can become a staple ritual that connects you to your natural energy centers, those who love and support you while opening your doors of perception. Video lecture and demonstration.


Bonus #2 Infinite Love and Wisdom Meditation [Value $25]

Used with thousands and thousands of people, this meditation awakens a deep connection within and with a positive life-force. This 20 minute long guided imagery is delivered in a style that leaves the listener in charge of their own meditation. This is an NLP staple, to guide without guiding.  Audio + PDF transcript so you can use it with your own clients.

Hear what our global community has to say

“From a professional perspective, it's really about being a better listener. I saw my relationship with my coworkers and others improve with just this practice of asking, "Why am I here right now? I am here just to listen." It's unbelievable. Because when I am just listening and I understand what the person is saying, then I build rapport. It's kind of as easy as that”
Toni Norris
“I am amazed at how powerful Larry’s techniques are and how useful they are in my day-to-day work with clients. I can’t recommend the training and Larry’s mentoring enough to anyone who regularly impacts the life and work of others.”
Cyndi Wineinger

Ending Statement

We all want to do right by our clients.

Doing that starts with gathering the cues you need to build rapid rapport.

Let us help you do that.

refund guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! They will be waiting for you on the Future Life Now course platform for you to use anytime.

 Yes. Sessions are prerecorded and available online.

Yes and yes! All the videos, audio, and transcripts can be viewed from any of those platforms.

No. These sessions can be viewed online only.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Should you have any problems with your payment: please contact us. 

You have 30-days from the time of purchase to request a refund. You ask. We refund.

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