Retrain the Brain for Success:


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To succeed, moving into new territory is required.

Your success and your client's successes are intertwined.

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It begins with effective listening.

Getting clear on the desired land (also know as a goal).

Realizing the current map of reality won't lead you there.

Enhancing or switching maps actually isn't that hard when you know how.

"Resistance" falls away.

January 13, 18, and 20
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In this 3-part virtual training series, you will learn more about:

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January 13, 18, and 20
Participate live or on replay when you sign-up.

Our students say this approach WORKS!

"The thing I wrote in my notes, at the beginning of NLP Success, was "You have to be a good listener."

Because I always wanted to relate my story to help build a connection and rapport.

From a professional perspective, it's really about being a better listener And also to be more of service. "What's the most important need in the conversation at the moment? Is it me? Or the other person's needs? It's not your need. So please, shut up and just listen."

I saw my relationship with my coworkers and others improve with just this practice of asking, "Why am I here right now? I am here to just listen." Its unbelievable. Because when I am just listening and I understand what the person is saying, then I build rapport. Its as easy as that.

The change is going to begin with yourself. And then you are going to apply it rather naturally in your relationships with other people So it is very worth it because there are two sides: one for yourself and then for your family, your friends, and your professional life. You are going to be a better human being from my perspective."

-Maria Grigy

Montessori Teacher and French Tutor

"My life before studying NLP with Larry externally
looked pretty perfect.

I have a very loving supportive husband. I have a great job and a beautiful home in a rural community.

And yet I suffered from terrible insomnia. When I would go to bed at night my mind would spin and my body would shake.

Every night, the vibration and noise in my body were like the brush hitting the cymbal on a drum set. It would keep me awake all night long

The most sleep I would get through childhood and adult-life would be about 2 hours. I am 58 years old.

No matter what therapies or books I read, I couldn't get it to go away. I couldn't get it to stop.

Having gone through NLP with Larry, I now sleep about 6 hours a night. The other night I slept for 8 hours for the first time in my life! I am not quivering. The shaking is gone.

I will be forever grateful for Larry and this program."

-Toni Norris

Yoga Instructor and Gyrotonics Teacher

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