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with Larry Wells, M.Div, MSW
NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer/ Consultant


NLP Success 2024

Retrain Your Brain: 3-Part Live
and/or Certification Course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Guided by an NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, and Consultant you will learn exercises focused on language, perception, and imagery that quickly rewire the brain. Help yourself and others attain their dreams!

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Just look at what our previous NLP students had to say!

"A remarkable change in how I work with clients and in my ongoing personal development.”

-Delmar Davis

"I learned to be with people and converse with them rather than respond to them in an exaggerated way."

-Judith Johnson

Who Am I?​

Like you, I have been a life-long seeker of personal growth AND of helping others. While I have been an NLP Practitioner for 30 years now, I was first a teacher in elementary and secondary education. Then I became a minister for two decades. In that time, I saw many people come through my door that needed more options for emotional and physical healing than our professional communities could offer. I sought out NLP. And Wow!

First it TRANSFORMED MY LIFE and then I was able to use it to help others. For the last decade, I have also been training coaches, trainers, movement teachers, managers, psychologists and anyone who wants to help people more effectively.

I am super excited to share these SUCCESS TOOLS with you!

Larry Wells , M.DIV, MSW

NLP Master Practitioner

Trainer and Consultant

From Future Life Now: partnering with you to move better, feel better, think better and live better.
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