Bones for Life Immersion Fall 2021


Registration is closed for 2021

The below replays have expired.

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Session 1
Experience the bread and butter movements of Bones for Life: Bouncing on Heels and somatic tips for alignment. Here about the originals of the work and how it impacts health.

Session 2
Find some freedom in the thoracic spine. Make it available for walking. Plus some participant questions are answered.

Session 3
Brian Shircliff introduces 2 easy-to-learn processes to find ease with walking and with every move we make; the story of how and why Bones for Life was created; amd a few stories of participants and how they’ve grown — literally — from Bones for Life.

Session 4 
Four women join Brian and Cynthia to share their personal and professional experience with Bones for Life.

Session 5 
Osteoporosis and Bones for Life: Is it a match made in heaven?

Session 6
Bones For Life as a Path To Yoga

Sorry but the replays have expired.

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