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Day 7 - Posture or Acture?

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Awareness Through Movement® Lessons

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Your Safety – Your Responsibility

While Awareness Through Movement is generally safe, there is always a risk of injury or irritation with any movement. These sessions are medically unsupervised and you are responsible for your own health. Do less than you think you can do. Follow any movement restrictions you have been given. Discontinue if you have thoughts or sensations that a movement might not be good for you. 

Emma Alter

Release Tension Between the Shoulder Blades

Daniel Gelblum

Self Hug: Reaching

Frederick Schjang

Lifting a Knee from Floor

Evgenia Chrysovitsinou

Rocking Back and Forth in Standing, Lifting One Foot

Featured Master Sessions

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Live Panel Discussion

With Cynthia Allen, Uwe Mester and Carl Rabke

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