Wear the Pink Glasses

Move Better,
Feel Better

Wear the Pink Glasses

Move Better,
Feel Better

The iconic pink glasses that Cynthia Allen has worn for past summit interviews will be retired at the 2022 Move Better, Feel Better summit.

Let’s send them off into the great unknown and have a little fun!

How the contest works

Step One: Imagine what it would be like to be Cynthia Allen, and how she gives interviews.

Step Two: Take a selfie video channeling your own inner Cynthia using this zipper filter effect link via your FaceBook phone appThis filter will not only pop the pink glasses onto your face, but it will also put you right on this year’s summit set.

Check out these samples:

Interview Question

Cynthia Look-a-like

Goofy Cynthia

Cynthia interviewing Cynthia

Are you ready?

Consider the 4 unique video options above and choose one you would like to try in your video:

Now Imagine…

  1. Best Interview Question – An interesting/intriguing question you want to ask Cynthia or any other person, living or not.
  2. Best Cynthia Look-Alike – Try your best to look like Cynthia.
  3. Best Goofy Cynthia – A short video of you pretending to be Cynthia in a bit of a silly manner
  4. Best Cynthia interviewing Cynthia – You’ll create a video of you, one asking questions and then immediately answering them.

Step Three: Once you’ve created your perfect “Wear the Pink Glasses” video, enter the contest by posting, via the FaceBook phone app. in the comments section of THIS featured post to be entered. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WearThePinkGlasses.

Wear the Pink Glasses Contest Details and Prizes!

  • Event Period: July 27 to August 1st, 2022

    Entries can be submitted up until August 1, 12/Noon EDT/New York

  • Winners announced August 2nd for:

    Best Interview Question.
    Best Cynthia Look Alike.
    Best Goofy Cynthia.
    Best Cynthia interviewing Cynthia.

  • Exciting Prizes Ahead:

    Best Overall - 1 free year to the online Your Learning Body community
    Winner of each category - Unlimited Digital Access to the upcoming summit
    **Winners will be selected by the Future Life Now team


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