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While Future Life Now Retreats are still on hold, we’re starting to dream about 2023 . . .

If you’re curious about an immersive, transformative experience with us in a wonderful location, then sign up to be added to the waitlist now!

In the past we’ve gone to:

Ajijec, Mexico

We love this location so much that we have held two retreats there and visited ourselves several times. Our retreats usually involve a myth that we explore through the entire time. Feldenkrais, of course! And travel to local highlights.

Tinos, Greece

We used a Greek myth for our theme and then immersed ourselves in local culture as well as Feldenkrais, NLP, Sounder Sleep and all the good stuff we offer. This is probably our favorite location thus far!

Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica

Howler monkeys surrounded us at Peace Retreat. The food was incredible. Walks to the beach, outdoor pavilion. And we grew in our capacity for balance inside and out.

Retreat 2023 Soon

The next retreat may be based in the U.S. until we get used to traveling again. As you can guess, our retreats are limited in the number of people so being on our waitlist is a super good idea.

FLN Online Logo 2022
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