Move Better, Feel Better 2022 Summit

Schedule your PreChat and Interview below


Schedule your Pre-Chat a week in advance.

    • Allow 30 to 40 minutes.
    • All times are Eastern / New York Time Zone.
    • This will be your chance to ask questions, for you and your interviewer to get to know each other and discuss the session format that you feel works for you. You can choose to be interviewed. Or simply introduced and you present/teach with a brief follow-up.
    • If you plan to show slides or video, we should test these at the Pre-Chat so have them ready if possible.
    • We will want to see your lighting and sound so it’s good to set your Pre-Chat and the actual interview at the same time of day. Try to be on the computer and in the location, you will be in for the interview as well.
    • Plug your computer into your modem. You may need to purchase a $20ish adapter for new laptops and/or a long ethernet cord depending on where your modem is located.
    • Arlene Klein, Project Manager, will also join to go over the essentials of how the summit works, any Give-Away you want to offer, how to be an affiliate, etc.

Your Interview/Talk

Schedule in August

Allow 90 minutes in case of technology fails. However, we expect it to be over within 60-65 minutes.

  • All times are Eastern / New York Time Zone.

Okay, Let's Do It!

Email Arlene with questions. or

Our Optional Looking Fab and Sounding Great Tips

Don’t use a built-in camera on your laptop or desktop. They are highly limited and are mostly YUCK!

Purchase a Logitech WebCam and plug it in. We recommend the C920.

Download the free Logitech Capture software and play with the advanced image settings to get the contract and lighting the best it can be. You can get rid of strange pink, blue or yellow tones doing this most of the time. Do this before your sessions with us. We are limited on time and it does take time to play with.

Use earbuds for your speakers so you can hear through them. This will reduce feedback during the session. They don’t usually work very well for the mic, however, the Logitech WebCam works sufficiently for the mic.

Set up your room so there is a solid, contrasting color (to your clothing and coloring) behind you. 

Light sources should be in front of you, not behind you. A window in front of you will usually work great for daytime interviews.

Overhead lights don’t usually work very well. But you can experiment.

Thank you!



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