We hear you are ready to grow with us!

Great! We have fabulous 2022/2023 programs planned with you in mind.

We hope this tentative calendar will allow you to target exactly what is right for you.

September 15-24

Move Better, Feel Better Summit 


Your Learning Body
This Feldenkrais community/membership
with Cynthia Allen opens


Bones for Life
with Brian Shircliff and Andrea Tutt opens for the new 2022/2023 year

October 16

Restoring Postural Reflexes and Balance
With Carol Montogmery
Offered through Integrative Learning Center

Mid-January, 2023

NLP Success Certification and Immersion
with Larry Wells opens

February/March, 2023

Your Better Back
with Cynthia Allen opens

May, 2023

Bones for Life Teacher Certification
Phase II will likely happen in 2024

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