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NLP Success

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the mainstay of our NLP Success Immersion and Certification program. Led by Larry Wells you can improve skills for rapid change for yourself and in working with others.

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Bones for Life

Experience easy posture and vitality in these online, free workshops. Learn about research and get the opportunity for online immersion in this powerful work of Ruthy Alon's for bone, joint, posture and vitality.

Your Learning Body

The opportunity to join our on-line community will open soon. Discover what it means to move with ease. Calm your nervous system. Find flexibility. Tap the capacity of your body-mind with regular classes and a library of resources for daily use.

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Your Better Back


This is a mastery program for anyone struggling with chronic back pain. This 14- week series with Cynthia Allen will help you reclaim your life and get back on the road to health. It will next open in March of 2023.

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Integral Human Gait
Gait for Wild Human Potential

Experience walking like you have never experienced it before. This online series provides an overview of the Integral Human Gait theory and a depth experience of your own transformative gates within gait.

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Better Days,
Better Nights

Stress is inevitable. But how we handle it is a skill that can be developed in as little ast 10 minutes a day. Using NLP and the Sounder Sleep System, find simple ways to improve daily life, energy, and sleep.

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