Julie Francis Feldenkrais Summit

Julie Francis

Calm Your Nerves - Body Centered Strategies to Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Tension

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 12:30 pm. EST

How you are wired emotionally, affects how you move. Likewise, how you move affects your emotions. Imagine if you had a few simple things you could do to quiet your nervous system so that both your mind and your body could feel more comfortable, even in the middle of a challenge.

Whether you are a busy person for whom the demands of the world sometimes feel to be too much, or just someone who wants to learn how to live more lightly in your body, this presentation will introduce you to how-to tools and strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety.

You will come away with several in-the-moment strategies to reduce anxiety as it happens as well as tools to keep the unwanted effects of stress and tension at bay. In short, you’ll learn how to “calm your nerves.” You will come away with a better understanding of the nervous system, its reflexive responses and what you can do to keep yourself humming along.

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About Julie Francis

Presenter Julie Francis is a Feldenkrais Method® Assistant Trainer with more than 25 years experience teaching awareness and mindful movement.  Her specialty is developing and presenting simple, in-the-moment, body-based strategies for reducing stress and anxiety in daily life.  She is known for her work as a guide for those wishing to achieve positive, lasting change from their habitual patterns.  Julie teaches and speaks throughout the country and maintains a private practice in Glen Ellyn. She is the author of  the book Calm Your Nerves .

Breathing Through Anxiety

an 8-week online program begins June 16.

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