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15 Exercises to Relieve Back Pain in Standing, Cooking, Museuming | Feldenkrais Hints

Cynthia Allen demonstrating15 Exercises to Relieve Back Pain in Standing, Cooking, Museuming

Standing for long periods of time can be a trigger for back pain and fatigue for many people. Cooking for hours at a time, can be a physical challenge for even the physically fit. What to do… what to do.

In this video I demonstrate 15 ways you can keep your back healthy and reduce fatigue. The video is a bit long but well worth it because it gives a lot of topnotch ways to turn standing into a much more pleasurable adventure. Using the Feldenkrais Method and Bones for Life, it doesn’t short change you on the details you need to truly make a difference. These are super strategies to know about and use. Try them out as you watch.


Cynthia Allen
Cynthia Allen
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