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Feldenkrais in the Kitchen

Cynthia at the Kitchen

Why waste a minute? Turn that waiting time in the kitchen into productive, back strengthening time. A little Feldenkrais or Bones for Life movement in the kitchen helps you fill your time while you’re waiting for the water to boil or the microwave to beep.

No matter how joyful or tedious you find your time in the kitchen to be, it can be a posture problem if you stand for an extended period of time. If you stand for prolonged periods of time, then these tips are golden. Each exploration is short, so you can pause it any time. Try out the tip. Then resume when you’re ready for a new one.

Follow the link 15 Exercises to Save Your Back Standing in the Kitchen | Feldenkrais style – YouTube to find 15 exercises to ease your back when you’re standing in the kitchen or anywhere.

If you find that you get tired or feel aches in your back and knees with standing, especially on hard surfaces, there are little movements and adjustments you can make that let you stand longer without feeling as worn out. One thing you’ll learn, it all depends on where you “hang” out. Intrigued? Then go watch and learn. Your standing experience will be so much more comfortable.

Think of these standing tips as a way to holistically integrate your mind and body in a way that you can practice and recognize throughout the day. Little touchstones on your daily path to remind you that others are there with you. We’re all together in this. 

Cynthia Allen
Cynthia Allen
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