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Is Your Movement Good Enough

We are all about life-long learning. But learning about what? We are particularly interested in learning to move better and feeling better. If we take walking as one example, virtually every one of us can improve this “basic” function. But we think we walk just fine. We think we walk “good enough.” We want to …

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A Gratitude Event

Previous Next Let’s do this virtually 2020! Grab a piece of paper and marker.  Write what you are thankful for.  Turn that camera on yourself. It is selfie time. Or family time. Or dog time. Whatever. Click on the button below and post the picture in the comments on our Facebook page link  Not on …

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Headshot of Elinor Silverstein

Elinor Silverstein Presenting at Feldenkrais® Awareness Summit

The Feldenkrais® Awareness Summit: Turning Challenges into Possibilities for the Special Needs Family is excited to be presenting “The Vagal Tone Connection to Oxygen Deprivation and Seizures” by Elinor Silverstein, GCFP. Elinor Silverstein is well-known for her work on the gut/brain connection. She integrates the science of nutrition and inner biology in her teachings. For …

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